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Meet Charleston's Leaders
Meet Charleston's Leaders

Almighty G-d, we ask Thy blessings on the efforts of our section for the enabling of Jewish woman-hood.  Be with us, our Father, and hold up our hands lest in despair we would desist from the work to which we have pledged ourselves.  Amen


Original Prayer by Rebecca Cohen (Mrs. Octavus Cohen), 1906

Generation to Generation

Meet Charleston’s Leaders  


Who have opened the doors of ACTION to community involvement locally, nationally and globally from GENERATION TO GENERATION through the decades, 1906-2010.



1906 Rebecca Cohen, Founder of Charleston Section



1911 NCJW- Charleston Section Charter Members

Efforts culminated in sponsoring the Roper Hospital Auxiliary



1941 - Formed Bureau to assist Military Personnel & Families



1945 - Ship-A-Box, school supplies & toys to Israel & Morocco



1947 - Margot Freudenberg Started occupational therapy classes &

began Interpreters Language List for hospitals



1956 - Three generations of NCJW members and one potential at 50th Anniversary Event



1957 Diabetic Clinic Tag Day donation to support clinic    




1962- Ship-A-Box, toys, books, clothes to Israel & Morocco


1974 - Mabel Pollitzer, teacher, civic leader & women’s rights activist, awarded Hannah G. Solomon Award



1983 - Bargainata – Major fund raising project to support community needy



1996 - Introduced "Hello Israel" to Middle School Students by educational & interactive programs



1997 - Doris Meddin, Implemented "Safe Guard" to teach proper use of medication to seniors in conjunction with MUSC



2004 - Prepared meals for Crisis Ministry Homeless Shelter



2006 - Board of Directors & Committees for 100th Anniversary Celebration of Charleston Section



2007 - Began poster campaign against domestic violence

"Can You Spot an abuser"?



2010 - Board of Directors

Major emphasis of work continues to be, poster campaign against domestic violence



Board of Directors

NCJW – Charleston Section

Board of Directors & Directors, 2011-2013

Installed June 12, 2012

President – Gail Silverman

V.P. Community Service – Sarah Finkelstein

V.P. Education/Public Affairs – Marsha Greenhill

V.P. Membership – Marlene Denemark

V.P. Ways and Means – Nancy Weiner

Immediate Past President – Sarah Finkelstein

Treasurer – Jan Brewton

Financial Secretary – Leni Garfunkel

Recording Secretary – Cynthia Greene

Corresponding Secretary – Judy Volkman

Trustees –  Sunny Steinberg, Linda Krawcheck, and Marilyn Barron





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